Decorative Bathroom Rugs


Finding the right bath mat for you is all about knowing your regime inside and out. Do you stand at the sink chopping veggies for meal prep on a daily basis and need a little extra support for your bare feet? Is it your greatest pet peeve to step out of the shower onto cold tile that gets slippery when wet? Or maybe you are a stickler for wiping your shoes outside before coming through the front door so your interiors stay clean and pristine? All of these ideas, and many, many more, are exactly the kinds of questions our company asks ourselves when we build the best decorative bathroom rugs. We want to anticipate all of your needs with our great selection before you even have to ask us your questions. From rugged welcome mats to memory foam bath rugs, Avanti’s decorative bathroom rugs are designed from their inception to provide the highest level of comfort, design, and individuality so that your spaces are full of durability and ease. In a variety of colors and styles that will coordinate with any design scheme, our decorative bath mats use pure cotton, cotton blends, no skid technology, and more to keep only the best of the best in mind. Available as part of larger kitchen and bathroom accessories sets, our decorative bathroom rugs take cues from all manner of themes, including Coastal, Contemporary, Floral, Lodge, Novelty, Southwest, Texas/Western, Traditional, and Tropical series so that no matter where you are, you can feel at home in and connected to your favorite spaces. Under your foot is where you’ll really feel the difference. The weave and low pile of our plush products will get an A+ from you as soon as your toes are nestled in them. Our clever patterns, featuring everything from black bears and shells to seahorses and stars add the final touch to our pretty packages.