Coastal Bath Accessories


By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea! That’s exactly where Avanti’s coastal bathroom decor will land you, even if you’re far from having your toes in the sand. With beach-inspired design and excellent materials, our coastal bathroom accessories will put you at one with the sun, the waves, and the sand without ever leaving your front door. Inspired by famous coastal islands like Antigua, the easy going lake life, and grand aquatic vistas, the coastal bathroom sets are all about bringing peace, tranquility, and beach humor to your bathroom. Coordinating the design across a series of products including hand towels, toothbrush holders, wastebaskets, tissue covers, soap dishes and dispensers, lotion dispensers, covered jars, curtain hooks, and more, the primarily blue and neutral tones ease well into any space with adaptability and versatility. For those hoping to expand on the coastal decor collection, shower curtains, bath towels, and rugs are also available in complementary designs that will complete your look or expand your vision throughout your home. Trimming out your beach house bathrooms in inspired style or just bringing that same holiday vibe to your master suite, the coastal accessories set incorporates sea greens, clear ocean blues, sandy golds, peachy pinks, ethereal silvers, and more into one beautiful series that will put you at one with the soothing island breeze and the soft rocking of the waves. From our home to yours, Avanti’s job is only done when your home is as beautiful and streamlined as it comforting and peaceful.