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    Inspired by the diverse traditions of the Southwest, Avanti‚Äôs southwest bathroom decor takes creative direction from Native American cultures indigenous to the western part of the United States for its stylish and multi-dimensional design. Featuring rich colors and legendary symbols — including Kokopelli, the fertility goddess of Aztec tradition — to give your bathroom an ancestral feel, the southwest bathroom accessories are a time-honored way to bring long-established folklore and customs into your home. The southwest bathroom accessories set includes hand towels, soap dispensers and dishes, waste baskets, tissue holders to spruce up everything from your sink countertop to your towel rack, but also can include matching kitchen accessories, bath towels, shower curtains, dining linens, and more, for a feel that eminents the theme not just in your bathroom, but throughout your entire home. Taking its cue from the desert and mountainous landscapes found in the American west, the southwest bathroom decor features dark black, rich chocolate browns, sandy golds, burnished oranges and bright turquoise colors. As well as top of the line materials, like 100% cotton and fine ceramic, to present a full collection that is at once a useful addition to your daily life and a beautiful reminder that form and function can go hand in hand. From our collections to your home, Avanti promises to bring the fiery, rich and ancestral histories of the southwest into every corner of your space, from the bathroom to the dining table, with vibrant design and excellent durability.