Decorative Bath Towels


You step out from the bath and wrap up in a luxuriously soft, handsomely rich, and extremely sturdy cotton towel, now isn’t that a wonderful dream? With Avanti’s decorative bath towels however, there’s no need to return to reality. Our towel collection is all of these things, and so much more. From our stunning manufacturing quality to the rich materials we use, each wrap of the decorative bath towel is more like a hug than a dry-off, and we pride ourselves on the uniquely amazing product that graces your towel racks and linen closets. Fit for withstanding many washings, tumble dryers, and everything in between, the design trims and medallion embroideries make our decorative bath towel sets unique on the market for their extensive quality and clever designs. With pure cotton loops, the natural absorbency of our bathroom decorative towels mean they aren’t just pretty additions to your interior decor, but substantial products built for your everyday lifestyle. For the collector, it’s not just about stocking up on multiple towels, but multiple accessories within the same set. Avanti’s decorative towels for bathroom are part of larger series devoted to fun themes that add personality to your interiors. Available in the following themes: Bridal, Coastal, Contemporary, Embroidered Cuff, Floral, Lodge, Monograms, Novelty, Southwest, Texas/Western, Dog Print, Traditional, and a few more, our decorative bath towels color coordinate within their own sets, or can be mix and matched with complementary styles for a custom look that’s full of originality. Color options are virtually endless as well, providing tones, hues, and tints inspired by rich, boreal landscapes, picture perfect gardens, peaceful seascapes, puppy friends, and many, many more. Stunning craftsmanship and fine prints separate the Avanti bathroom decorative towels, and prove that their never ending softness, deluxe dimensions, and sturdy shape make all the difference. No matter where your life leads you, Avanti’s decorative bath towels are here to lend a refined, helping hand.