Decorative Fingertip Towels


When a hand towel won’t do, reach for Avanti’s decorative fingertip towels. The delicate, high quality linen will remind you of luxury hotels, spa vacations, and relaxing getaways and bring your bathroom towel set an everyday extravagance. With the dainty construction of our weave, Avanti guarantees a sublime product with surprising versatility and daily durability perfect for a busy household. From the towel shelf to your hands, everything from the design to the construction is about making your lifestyle one of comfort and ease. Noting the pure cotton construction, these fingertip towels are absorbent, fluffy, and truly resourceful. From the first wash to the thousandth wash, our fingertip towels for bathroom retain their form, their plush feel, and weave shape so that you can use our product again, again, and again. Available in many different colors and designs, picking the perfect decorative fingertip towel to add to your collection has never been easier with our extensive and diverse offerings. Avanti’s decorative towel collections comes in various themes including Coastal, Contemporary, Floral, Lodge, Novelty, Southwest, Traditional, and Tropical. As well as a wide array of hues including rich ivory, chocolate brown, mossy green, rich mulberry, sandy coral, ebony black, granite blue, crisp white, rosy pink, and many more. As part of your bathroom collection, or perhaps your outdoor entertaining kitchen space, our decorative fingertip towels are about bringing elegance to every aspect of your life; from your shower to your next dinner party and everywhere in between. When matched with other bathroom accessories sets of the same theme, they make a great graduation, housewarming, wedding, or just because gift for anyone looking to bring spice back into their living areas. This classic style, from its sophisticated cut to its handy adaptability, will bring not only comfort to your life, but quality construction and visual appeal that doesn’t stop at the towel rack.