Decorative Hand Towels


Form and function makes or breaks a hand towel, which is what makes Avanti’s decorative hand towel series so exemplary in their category. Mastering both, our decorative hand towels for the bathroom are superior in treatment, method, and arrangement for a truly unique product that continues to be top of the line in quality. From your countertop to your hand, Avanti provides a great product that checks all the boxes: character, selection, absorbency, and most of all, a memorable feel. As perfect for your master bath as they are for your mudroom sink, our decorative bathroom hand towels work with 100% cotton materials, strong weaves with everyday durability, and easy to care for configurations that make it a great addition to any washroom practicalities. Very absorbent and equal to any mess or clean-up, our decorative hand towels also astound as beautiful pieces that add color and life to your home. Coming in various styles and emblems, our customers will be surprised at the versatility of our decorative bathroom hand towels; from your gym bag to the kitchen sink, the thick loops and quick absorbency spell out a new kind of luxury with each one of our bathroom pieces. Available as part of a larger bathroom accessories set, including, but not limited to: Bridal, Coastal, Contemporary, Embroidered Cuff, Floral, Lodge, Monograms, Novelty, Southwest, Texas/Western, Top Breed, Traditional, and Tropical. Each set brings personality and pops of individuality to every space they fill, whether they’re part of a series or standing on their own. Soft to the skin with premium weight, there really is no better option for beautiful design and superior quality than Avanti’s decorative hand towels. From a muddy paw print path and rainy day droplets to tomato soup spills and freshly washed hands, our company prides itself on offering pure cotton hand towels that are equal to endless messes and washes.