Decorative Lotion Pumps


The secret to soft hands is in the dedication to becoming a lifelong lotion lover, and to become a lifelong lotion lover, we’re here to help. Avanti’s signature lotions pumps are all about fun trends and pop-inspired style for making a wellness regime that you never want to skip. By bringing modern compositions, traditional motifs, and engaging patterns to our lotion dispensers, we hope you will be inspired to reach for our lotion dispenser pump again and again. With many playful design schemes available, bringing a personal touch to your beauty routine by adding an Avanti hand lotion pump to your countertop is by far the easiest thing you’ll do all week. Available in the following theme styles: Coastal, Contemporary, Floral, Lodge, Novelty, Seasonal, Southwest, Texas/Western, Traditional, and Tropical, this bathroom accessory also comes in stunning tone options that cover all of the color spectrums. For the collector, our signature hand lotion pumps are mix and match ready for inclusion with our other bathroom accessories, either as part of their own theme, or added into a complementary series for a custom approach. With flair and inspired design, our lotion dispenser pump brings a touch of sophistication to the drugstore plastic bottle and effortlessly transforms a cluttered vanity area into a state of the art countertop streamlined for ease of use and a laidback, everyday lifestyle. Combining superior materials — solid wood, quality resin, and durable ceramic — and no-drip, easy to clean features, this piece is rust-resistant and odorless for top of the line durability. Whether you’re transforming your whole space with a brand new look or just updating the essentials, the Avanti lotion pump brings dimension and flexibility into your space with quality, so that you’re never at a loss when it comes to adding moisture to your hands and flair to your bathroom and kitchen spaces.