Decorative Shower Curtains


How to pick the perfect shower curtain? With Avanti’s decorative shower curtains, the options are endless, and our comprehensive designs will capture the room’s attention and transform a space from first glance while still doing a great job at keeping your shower head stream from flooding the bathroom. Whether you’re reimagining your entire bathroom area from the tile up, or just looking for a creative and quality piece to breathe new life into your space, starting with Avanti’s collection is the right move. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary, modern, architectural, or natural inspired designs, Avanti has the shower curtain for you.  Offering styles throughout our signature categories, including Coastal, Contemporary, Floral, Lodge, Novelty, Southwest, Texas/Western, Traditional, and Tropical, our extensive color and theme options allow for endless customization and personalization options. Therefore, you’re choosing a shower curtain that doesn’t just look good but looks exactly the way you want it to. Updating the entire look of your bathroom with one piece, Avanti’s decorative shower curtains are a bold style choice that continue to surprise and excite no matter how many times you step through the threshold or out onto the bathmat. Quality construction also makes Avanti’s designs one of a kind; our fabric bathroom shower curtains are soft to the touch, machine washable, and durable enough for continued everyday use so that you’re never worried about turning your bathroom into a swimming pool. For the collector, our decorative shower curtains come in patterns that coordinate with accessory series so your bathroom can be decked from sink to towel rack with your favorite design. Soap dishes, tissue boxes, bath towels, rugs,  and more all come in similar designs so that you can choose to involve the whole atmosphere of the room if you wish. So grab the measuring tape and get to noting, finding the perfect fit for your bathroom shower curtain is as easy as shopping with Avanti.