Solid Color Bath Rugs


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For the rug aficionado who prefers strong classics, rich hues and a simple, elegant approach, Avanti’s solid rug collection will do just the trick to bring individuality and comfort to your space. Featuring rich jewel tones, hearty neutrals, sharp monochromatics, and poppy rainbow hues, our solid rugs are the answer to providing vibrancy and energy for your space with 100% pure cotton materials. In addition to that, our solid colors provide an excellent background for mixing and matching your rug into our classic bathroom accessories sets; they seamlessly fall into our range of collections that focus on transforming the entire room with creative motifs and traditions so that from the bathroom shelf to the tile floor, your space is an inspired place of great style. And while the decor is very important to us, what’s also a huge factor for us is the feel. What good is the product if it’s not the comfiest, fluffiest thing you’ve ever put your foot on? Featuring a contemporary diagonal stitch pattern on the top side of the rug and a no-slip synthetic grip on the bottom, our solid rugs balance a stylish, streamlined look with the best construction so that you get the best of both worlds in one piece. As helpful in the bathroom as it is at the front door, Avanti’s solid rug collection builds on the company tradition of anticipating our customer’s needs, and being a versatile product that fits any niche or doorway. We’re out to transform how you, and in particular, your feet experience your home and we won’t rest until you love where you live. We’re so good we can foresee you’ll want to forgo the slippers and go barefoot on our rugs because this kind of luxury is best felt with free soles. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!