Decorative Tissue Box Cover


Good things come in small boxes, and for Avanti’s decorative tissue box cover collection, great design and excellent construction also play a major role in this curated accessories collection. Portray your unique individualism throughout your home by foregoing the traditional cardboard tissue container for a beautifully made design that takes your decor to the next level. Whether you’re a fan of adirondack pine, black bears, seascapes and seashells, clever sayings, floral scenes, geometric patterns, holiday classics, Parisian chic, or contemporary staples, this tissue holder collection has something for everyone. Classic in their form, the Avanti decorative tissue box cover series ranges in color and theme for a collection that inspires as it organizes, decorates as it streamlines, and beautifies as it designs. Available in a range of themes including Coastal, Contemporary, Floral, Lodge, Novelty, Seasonal, Southwest, Texas/Western, Traditional, and Tropical, the color and the customization options are endless for creating a space that you love to live in. From driftwood neutrals and forest greens, to lively lavenders and crystalline water blues, the decorative tissue box cover collection is more than just about designing the perfect home but also about creating a space where you can live your everyday life with ease, comfort, and style. We take pride in the quality materials that we use to create the tissue box cover collection, because our durable ceramics, quality resin, and polished wood all contribute to the stunning final product. At home on the shelf or in the living room Avanti’s tissue covers leave no corner of your house unnoticed, and make a charming bridal, housewarming, anniversary or birthday gift, especially when paired with their counterpart bathroom accessory collections. From our company to your home, Avanti’s tradition of excellence means any piece of this tissue box series is sure to make a lasting impression on your home.