Decorative Toothbrush Holders


Avanti’s decorative toothbrush holders are proof that even the smallest of accessories can make a huge difference. After all, who wants their toothbrush head hanging out just any old place? In honor of keeping your toothbrush clear of the sink top, or any other surface of your bathroom for that matter, Avanti’s bathroom toothbrush holders offer a streamlined, functional design for keeping the mess from your countertops, and your bristles from anything but your teeth and fresh air. Inspired by everything from shells and basket weaves to adirondack chairs and coastal marsh scenes, our novelty toothbrush holders are the stunning addition to any bathroom set and continue to prove their worth over and over again. From functional and beautiful materials — everything from polished wood, ceramic, high quality and more — to the wide array of colors, these bathroom sets are all about getting an easy job done with style. Stunning on their own or part of a larger bathroom accessories series, our decorative toothbrush holders come in the following collections: Ventana, Adirondack Pine, Antigua, Black Bear Lodge, Boca, Butterfly Garden, Colony Palm, Chloe, Eiffel Tower, Gilded Birds, Hearts and Stripes, Seabreeze, Seaglass, Mojave, Seagulls and many more to complete your optimal bathroom look. Pair with a matching soap dispenser or rug for an all over interior design scheme that can make even the smallest room in your house feel like the show stopping main event. Sporting colors all over the rainbow spectrum, it’s no trouble finding the right tones, hues, and complimentary pairs for a bathroom style that truly makes a statement. While it may be easy to forget the tiny details, Avanti’s bathroom accessories not only make the small things divine by highlighting your space with clever design, but they also clear up your space and streamline your everyday by bringing order and beauty into your space with one clever piece. From our company to yours, the Avanti bathroom toothbrush holder is a piece that never loses its usefulness — after all, the toothbrush is in charge of your smile, and smiles are easily everyone’s favorite feature. With our decorative toothbrush holders, you can make sure that your picture perfect pearly whites are always in the best hands.