Floral Towels


Fresh as a garden rose–that’s what Avanti’s floral bath towels are all about, only we’re not sticking just to the rose family. Complete with styles that highlight dogwoods, songbirds, lavender, sage, and more, the floral towels are all about bringing fresh, earthly designs into the smallest room in your house for a big, beautiful end result. Inspired tones include light lilac, deep olive, pastel pink, bright peach, rich raspberry, shimmering gold, robin’s egg blue, periwinkle, and more can add to the delicate styling of our floral towel sets, and bring landscape worthy views right into the comfort of your home. Not only visually stunning, our floral towels also get an A+ for their main purpose: bringing warmth and comfort to your everyday life. With our stellar quality standards of imported cotton materials, ultra-durable tight weaves, and great moisture wicking features, growing a garden in your home has never been easier, or more practical. As suited for a country bungalow as a metropolis flat, our floral bath towel sets are great as gifts, or as a splurge for yourself and your new master bath. Our floral designs come in hand towels, fingertips towels, and washcloths as well! Bringing quality and style to your home, these floral towel sets are sure to bring all the charm of a fresh bouquet, but will last much longer. Durable, and good to go no matter how many hands or washes, the Avanti brand means comfort and quality with added panache.