Decorative Bath Towel Sets


A fluffy towel is the universal sign of true comfort and relaxation, and with Avanti’s decorative towel set collection, you get both of those no matter what kind of towel you’re reaching for. Including bath towels, hand towels, fingertip towels, and washcloths, our decorative bath towel sets feature distinguishing qualities that make them a personal statement in any room and with any style. High quality spa-like cotton weaves provide incredible absorbency without weighing our towels down as well as always feeling fluffy and soft and smelling ever so fresh. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, Avanti’s decorative bathroom towel sets come out of the wash and dryer looking and feeling as new as the day they were first used. Our varying themes, monograms, designs, collections, and series make our decorative bathroom towels prime for personalizing your space exactly how you want, whether you stick to one bathroom accessories set or choose to play coordinator and mix up your own favorite compilation. Our one of kind design collections such as floral, monogrammed, dog print, contemporary, coastal, and more will provide stunning and charming examples of how to transform your bathroom into a truly signature space. With pure cotton, rich tones and comprehensive sizing, our decorative bath towel sets will paint a pleasing picture in your bathroom interiors. One that you and your guests alike, will not forget. Avanti never skimps on our products, which is why our decorative towel sets will quickly become one of your favorite possessions. From the bathroom in your master suite to the guest rooms at the summer house, our decorative bath towels will wrap each and every person in your home in the comfiest, featherlike towel they’ve ever experienced. We can guarantee that making such a beautiful, durable statement has never been quite so easy.