Bathroom Tumblers


Superior style makes a difference with bathroom tumblers, whether you’re in the market for refreshing your aesthetic, or branching out to create a brand new one, choosing Avanti to complete your room means making a statement with a product you’re guaranteed to use on a daily basis. Whether a decorative touch or an organizational tool, an Avanti toothbrush tumbler provides the easiest way to bring it all into your space with style and simplicity. Our bathroom tumbler offerings range in styles from extravagant and modern to themed and classical, to provide the largest range of options for optimizing and personalizing your bathroom with customization and pizzazz. Color coordinating with your design aesthetic isn’t a problem either, with our wide range of shades and tones starting from the lightest of beach-inspired hues to the rustic, down home fashion of natural woodworking and craftsmanship. Our tumblers are included in the following bathroom accessories sets: Adirondack Pine, Alana, Antigua, Basketweave, Beach words, Black Bear Lodge, Blue Waters, Boca, Braided Medallion in Gold, Braided Medallion in Granite, Butterfly Garden, By The Sea, CabinWords, Chalk It Up, Chloe, Colony Palm, Dotted Circles, Eiffel Tower, Golden Birns, Hearts and Stars, Home Sweet Texas, Kokopelli, and many more. The color ranges also are all encompassing — we think you’d find it very hard not to find a complementary color, as our offerings range from the lightest of neutrals to the deepest of blues, and every orange, red, purple, green, yellow, and pink in between. With varying sizes as well as styles, the bathroom tumbler sets are flexible enough to be a home for your toothbrush or your sink scrub brush, and are the perfect addition to turning your bathroom or kitchen into a place of function and beauty. The durable materials also make Avanti’s tumblers long lasting and easy to care for, with simple cleaning instructions that keep your space and your Avanti pieces in tip-top condition. Poised for the bathroom and kitchen sink, our tumblers will look great among your bathroom accessories while providing that much needed storage space. From our company to your home, our imported bathroom tumblers will turn even the smallest room in your house into a personalized, remarkable statement that lasts, and will create streamline organization so that you never misplace your toothbrush on a busy morning again.