Decorative Washcloths


Hands and body agree, when it comes to getting the best clean from a washcloth, it’s all about texture. With Avanti’s decorative washcloths, the soft touch you immediately notice is the kind of comfort that’s great for face, hands and skin, but it’s not the only thing worth noticing. With refined and polished style options to add to the washcloth features, this one piece will create a bathing experience that has it all, from your fingertips to tiniest toe. Made from 100% imported cotton with hand detailed embroidery from the US, our finely constructed, durable weave washcloths get a dirty job done with pizzaz. Available in a large array of design styles and colors, patterns and shapes, motifs and decorations, the Avanti washcloth sets are poised for a quick dry or a quick scrub, that beautifully gets the job done. Generously sized with a premium weight, our decorative washcloths are soft, absorbent, and reliable for even the toughest of cleaning jobs. With customization options available, our Avanti washcloths come in many different themes. You can curate the perfect towel collection for your bathroom or guesthouse, or finish a full bathroom accessories set complete with soap dishes, shower curtains, sink top tchotchkes and more. Whether your preference is floral, fauna or something in between, we’ve got you covered with the following decor elements: songbirds, lions, roses, paisley, palm fronds, checkered patterns, swirl motifs, seashells, braided rope, poodles, polka dots, greenery, moose, corals and so much more. Our color options are endless as well, with variations ranging throughout the color wheel, making it easier than ever to bringing a fresh take into your shower experience. Perfectly hanging from a towel rack or folded up for storage, the design of Avanti’s decorative washcloths will catch your eye, and the gentle touch of the spa quality materials will satisfy all your comfort cravings. Together, they’ll make you believe in love at first wash.