Decorative Bathroom Wastebaskets


Throwing away your trash may be a messy affair, but with Avanti’s discreet and decorative bathroom wastebaskets, the design doesn’t have to be. Sturdy and strong, durable and beautiful, clever and sophisticated, our decorative wastebaskets bring comfort, style, and cleanliness to your favorite bathroom with satisfaction. No matter what style you’re the biggest fan of, we’ve got something that will turn you into our biggest fan. Including themes like Coastal, Contemporary, Floral, Lodge, Novelty, Seasonal, Southwest, Texas/Western, Traditional, Tropical, the possibilities are endless for customization and for making your bathroom your favorite room in the house. One glance at our designs and no one will be thinking about trash; black bears, floral patterns, basket weaves, stars and stripes, Native American motifs, seashells, songbirds, sand castles, and modern inspirations are all a part of this smart collection that puts your trash somewhere beautiful. Avanti’s skill in choosing materials — high quality resin, strong ceramics, and gleaming natural woods — matches the animated design by presenting a product that will last, no matter how many bathroom cleanings, or free throw basket shots from the kitchen sink, it’s a part of. A staple in any home, Avanti’s decorative bathroom waste baskets take it all to the next level with superior design and form, so your home can be as customizable as you wish it. Part of a larger collection, these can be added to any Avanti bathroom accessories set for a full interior design scheme that doesn’t miss a single detail. Ranging in color options — rosy pinks, deep water blues, patriotic reds, sparkling metallics, natural woods, fern greens, dusty oranges, bright yellows — adding a little bit of spice to the smallest room in your house has never been easier. With Avanti products, it’s always a home run, and with our decorative bathroom waste baskets, it’s also occasionally an excellent free throw shot.